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We begin looking for the right person for you as soon as we receive your profile and registration.  We try to match you with someone whose profile is similar to yours, and has had experience in dealing with the questions you’ve identified.

Our volunteers are people who have had years of experience in dealing with spinal cord injuries. Sometimes they are medical experts or psychologists. Often they are people like you who are a few years further down the road in dealing with a spinal cord injury.  

Their experience can be invaluable because it’s likely that they’ve encountered many of the same problems and dealt with many of the same issues that you are now facing. 

They offer helpful understanding of common problems, not spiritual comfort or advice. They will not tell you what you should do; they can only tell you what they've learned from their own experience. 
Before making a match-up, we contact you to go over the details of your profile. Then we talk to the person we have identified as your potential counselor. We don’t go ahead with a match until we have found someone who believes he or she can be helpful in your situation.
Your counselor will contact you directly through the website. You will receive an email notification from FacingDisability when you have a peer counseling message. Clicking on the link in your email will take you to your private conversation. Your counselor will receive an email from us when you send a message. This system preserves anonymity on both sides.  As time goes on, if the two of you come to a mutual decision to talk by phone, you can certainly exchange phone numbers if you wish.