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The peer counselor assigned to you will already know your profile when they send you their first message. Your counselor will start the conversation by sharing his by background and asking the problems or issues that you'd like to discuss. The counselor will also ask about the problems or issues you’d like to discuss. 

In general, it’s best to keep messages down to five or six paragraphs—and to focus each message on a single subject.  That enables your counselor to be more helpful, and encourages you to prioritize your issues.

You can expect an answer from your counselor within 48 hours. You should try to respond in a day or two as well.  If your counselor is going to be tied up, or out of town, or unable to get to their email, they will let you know in advance. You should extend the same courtesy to them.

It usually takes about three weeks to get into the rhythm of  this type of conversation, and to judge how well the process, and the match-up, is working for you.

For most people, writing messages works well because they can fit them into their schedule whenever it’s convenient. However, if you and your peer counselor come to a mutual decision that you’d both prefer to continue by phone, feel free to exchange your phone numbers.

If you have questions, or want to work with a new counselor, or end the counseling process, please let us know by email to