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These institutions are the national leaders in medical research and patient care, and provide the highest level of comprehensive specialty services. The National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation and Research (NIDRR) has designated them “Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems."

  • Georgia Regional Spinal Cord Injury Care System - Shepherd Center, Atlanta

    The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA houses the largest of the 14 Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems. The staff specializes in spinal cord injury and treats a high volume of patients - nearly 450 each year. As a result, the team has strong expertise in dealing with spinal cord injuries at every level of injury, including people who are ventilator dependent or have a dual diagnosis of spinal cord and brain injury. The Spepherd Center provides a number of free publications including a quarterly news magazine and newletter in addition to caregiver guides.

  • Kentucky Regional Model Spinal Cord Injury System - Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, KentuckyOne Health

    Comprehensive rehabilitation services are offered by KentuckyOne Health through Frazier Rehab Institute. Providing therapy in an acute care setting for inpatient and outpatient rehab needs, Frazier Rehab Institute is a regional health care system dedicated entirely to rehab medicine and offers a number of specialties focused on helping individuals reach a higher quality of life.  Since 1954, it has been setting the standard of excellence in this specialized area. Through an expansive network of inpatient and outpatient facilities in Kentucky and southern Indiana, Frazier Rehab Institute offers a wide array of services based on a common goal - helping people with disabilities reach their fullest potential.

  • Midwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury Care System - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)

    The Midwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center is operated by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC); a world-renown state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital that provides spinal cord injury care at all stages of recovery. Physicians, clinicians, and scientists work collectively to integrate translational research and cutting-edge technology to maximize independence and integration back to the community. RIC is the largest physical rehabilitation research facility in the world. Research scientists across the globe work collectively with RIC physicians and clinical teams to discover and advance care for spinal cord injury. Click on Clinical Trials to identify current studies underway and in recruitment of participants. Additional Patient and Family Education information is available through the RIC LIFE Center at

  • New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center Network - Boston Medical Center

    The New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center, located at Boston Medical Center, offers specialty services to individuals with spinal-cord injuries from the intensive-care unit, to outpatient care, rehabilitation and lifetime follow-up visits. The Center provides consumer-focused rehabilitation research and state-of-the-art rehabilitation care. Addditional services include art, music, sports therapy, adaptive gaming technology, peer counseling and a community reintegration program.

  • Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System - Kessler Medical Rehabilitation, West Orange

    Kessler Rehabilitation Institute, located in West Orange, NJ, provides state-of-the-art care for individuals with spinal cord injury and their families. The rehabilitation team integrates advanced treatment, proven therapies and leading-edge technologies, such as body-weight-supported treadmill training to improve gait performance, and pharmacological interventions for spasticity. Kessler also offers programs to help individuals reintegrate into daily life, such as support groups for patients and families, vocational counseling, and a Driver Rehabilitation Program to encourage greater personal independence.

  • Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System - University of Washington, Seattle

    The Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System, located at the University of Washington, is a Model Rehabilitation Center with a comprehensive team of rehabilitation specialists, including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, rehabilitation counselors, and psychologists. The Department of Rehabilitation also provides useful connections to local specialty programs, such as the Disabled Driving Program, Assistive Technology and Seating Clinic and the Fertility Clinic. Information and Education, on the left-hand menu, provides access to SCI forums, newsletters, pamphlets, and videos. The Spinal Cord Injury Pamphlet Series: Staying Healthy After a Spinal Cord Injury can give you good insights on what your loved one is facing and how to help him stay healthy. Projects & Research gives information on research publications and projects.

  • Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley - Thomas Jefferson University Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia

    Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, in affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, provides quality care and programs for individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. Many of these programs provide skills crucial to returning to community living. All resources and services of Magee are available through their Life Time Follow-Up system of care. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the Patient-Family Teaching Manual which provides consumer information on a variety of health topics pertinent to spinal cord injury. This section also includes day in the life videos and newsletters.

  • Rocky Mountain Regional Spinal Injury System - Craig Hospital, Englewood, CO

    Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO offers state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff for the care of spinal cord injuries. Free on-campus housing units are offered to family members to encourage family support. The large number of patients with similar ages, backgrounds and injuries promotes hope through friendships and peer counseling. Click on Education & resources at the top toolbar to access interactive library resources on spinal cord injury.

  • South Florida Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    The South Florida Spinal Cord Injury Model System is operated by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. This CARF-accredited in-patient rehabilitation program provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of physiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation nurses, and other rehabilitation specialists. The program is based at Jackson Memorial Hospital, a 1500 bed Level I trauma hospital. After completion of in-patient rehabilitation, spinal cord injury patients often continue with out-patient therapy and receive life-long out-patient medical care in the program's Spinal Cord Injury clinics. The program is actively involved in clinical research and also maintains a close relationship with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis to ensure unique opportunities for improving health and wellness and additional opportunities to participate in research studies.

  • Southern California Spinal Cord Injury Model System - Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center

    Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center has over 50 years of experience providing quality care for persons with physical disabilities.  It has been a pioneer in the interdisciplinary team approach to patient care. Patients are treated by highly specialized teams dedicated to specific disability categories such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, etc. This allows caregivers to develop an expertise unmatched in the Region. This level of expertise is supported by millions of dollars in grant and research monies administered by the Los Amigos Research and Education Institute, Inc. (LAREI).

  • Spaulding-Harvard Spinal Cord Injury Model System - Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

    Founded in 1971 as the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Hospital, Spaulding-Harvard Spinal Cord Injury Model System provides comprehensive rehabilitation treatment that focuses on maximizing neurorecovry whle helping patients develop strategies for independent living. Spaulding provides a comfortable environment that supports families and patients in attaining skills required to return to their communities. Spaulding's mission is to: provide a full continuum of rehabilitation treatment and care, contribute new knowledge and treatment approaches through research and outcome studies, educate future rehabilitation specialists, including physicians, nurses, therapists and other allied health professionals, and advocate for persons with disabilities. a variety of consumer education material can be found in the Patient Handouts sections of the website.

  • University of Alabama/Birmingham Model Spinal Cord Injury System - Spain Rehabilitation Center, Birmingham

    Located  at the Spain Rehabilitation Center in Birmingham, AL, the UAB Spinal Cord Injury Model System offers individualized care for both adolescents and adults with an emphasis on family participation in the recovery process. Patients' families are encouraged to attend therapy education sessions to improve continued care at home.

  • University of Michigan Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System - Ann Arbor

    The only Spinal Cord Injury Model System in the upper Midwest, U-M is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Here you'll find a specialized spinal cord injury programs for both adults and children with a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists rehabilitation engineers, recreational therapists, social workers, and speech language pathologists. Peer resource counselors provide added support to smooth the road towards an independent and fulfilled life. Innovative research relevant to persons with spinal cord injury is conducted on an ongoing basis to help restore patients to living as independently as possible.

  • University of Pittsburgh Model Center on Spinal Cord Injury

    The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) on Spinal Cord Injury provides comprehensive team-based treatment by physicians, therapist, and vocational rehabilitation specialists. This facility is heavily involved in spinal cord injury research, with in-depth investigation on assistive technology and care and treatment of spinal cord injuries to enhance quality of life. The Center also contributes to the assessment of life-long outcomes of individuals with spinal cord injury through enrollment of participants in the National Spinal Cord Injury Database. Fact sheets to support Living with SCI are provided from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center as well as other scholarly and consumer publications.